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I am very grateful that you have finally landed up to know personally about me & about what skills I have so that you can also master that skill to scale up your income.

Here At Skill Marketer, I officially welcome you to our family of Achievers.

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I know you will be keen to know about what our website is all about & how you will get the benefit from it so here it is

  • Complete knowledge, Hands-on Practical Work & Pro Working tips about how you can set up your WordPress website from scratch to advanced level.  I know a lot of people don’t actually start blogging because of this hurdle called WordPress which is actually easy.
  • Compete Tips & Tricks about search Engine Optimization. In this, you will find a lot many ways by which you can have an efficient strategy of SEO of a website.
  • A clear idea about how you can write an effective article for your Blog through our Proven Strategies of content Marketing.
  • Publishing various Ebooks on Digital Marketing Skills with a major focus on wordpress & content Strategy.
  • Sharing Various Tools to help you build a strong foundation for your blog. We can call it Must have tools for Acquiring Digital Marketing Skills.
  • A group of practical learners at a Single Platform.
  • Effective Tips To earn money online by my personal proven Methods.
  • Pro Facebook & Instagram  Marketing Skills to Generate High Quality Leads at Lowest Click through rate.
  • Complete Guidence of Adsense Approval ( I will not let you go until you we accomplish your dream to have a approval from Adsense).
  • Will help you in Buillding your perfect website on wordpress with all the required Do’s & Don’ts for it through our Blog.
  • Reviews About Various Hosting Service Providers ( based on my experience) thus helping you to kickstart your blogging career.

Always remember we value our learners more than anything else.

Why choose us

Well, Most of the people try to avoid this question, but we are not in that queue.  I have seen many people begin a blog & put their content in a way that becomes very confusing for the visitors who are coming to their sites to find the content of their own but end up leaving that site because they didn’t find the information which they were seeking for.

At Skill Marketer, I have mainly focused on that problem so that you (our Achievers) don’t get confused & can find the matter in the best & easiest possible manner. I have made every possible step to mitigate this problem.

We will be providing the content based on the practical experience & not on a theoretical basis.  Each content that we have given will be purely on our personal tracks.

You can further Read & have a look about some of our Blogs which will turn your information into a knowledge.

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I will be more than happy to help you in Acquiring Skills of Lifetime.

An Introduction to My Journey

I have been into Digital Marketing from the Last Three Years

I have started my Blogging Journey from 1st March 2020 & since then I am cherishing Every Bit of it.

Traditionally to tell  me about My Self

I am Rohan from Rajasthan with just 24 years of age. I love reading books & Travel explorer. I have done my Bachelor of Commerce as any normal commerce background individual does after leaving school. After that like Everyone, I was figuring about what can I do to so that I can live a life in the manner in which I want but guess what I was really unable to find out.

Honestly, I was not able to figure out about my career as there was a lot of confusion. Meanwhile, I said before I love reading Inspirational & Business books like Think & grow Rich & Rich Dad Poor Dad a lot more books as well.

Just Trying to know How Can I get My career on the Right track.

There were a lot of suggestions from my parents about various career options that I can opt to sustain my living. They told me to do law & as abide by their suggestions I enrolled myself into a law college.

But somewhere deep down in my heart I Knew that choosing career in law is not my cup of tea.

In the very starting phase of my law college period one day when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I was a post in which it was written as “Earn money Online through Digital Marketing”. (This Idea was really new to me at that time) This Line has seriously impacted my career in a very positive way.

I started searching for Digital Marketing more & more. I searched for this course on Google. I was keen to know more & more about it. After some days of research, I know that I have figured out my interest area which was Digital marketing. I read several Blogs & saw some videos on youtube about Digital marketing.

After some months of learning which was purely based upon google & Youtube. I started writing my content on Digital marketing for various Digital marketing Companies while working as a freelancer. I also worked as A WordPress Website Expert as a Freelancer as was unable to do a full-time job because of my college Routine. I was paid a decent amount for my work.

This work was continued until now.  I still remember that period when I was acquiring my lifetime  Digital Marketing skills  which changed my life forever

As soon as I completed my college, I devoted my full time to Digital Marketing & started my own Blog i.e Skill Marketer where I got a chance to share my learning with the world.

And that’s How a Lawyer Becomes a Digital marketer.

Few Roads Blocks In Between My Journey

Well, As soon as I discovered my interest Area One challenged that face that it was a very new concept for me. For the First few Months, I completely devoted my time to learning new things exploring the entire concept of digital marketing. After the initial phase of learning, I approached various Freelancing Projects of content writing but there was no one to give the work of content writing.

I have approached 50 to 60 companies about content writing but there was not a single company that can appoint me as a freelancer because I don’t have the experience of writing the content about digital marketing.

Now, I have decided that if I have to brush up my skills in digital marketing I need to offer my free services to the companies so that they can develop the trust in my skills over the period of time.

For the first few months, I rendered my content writing & Facebook Ads Marketing services for free to the company I approached. I knew from the start that the services of content writing & other digital marketing skills that I was giving will not go into vain. I had a belief that I proved my work to the company about the services that I was giving will ultimately sharpen my skills to the next level.

After some time of rendering services for free, the company offered me the amount for the services of digital marketing. I knew that they have liked my work. I felt very happy that finally, I am now capable of earning money through my skills sitting in the comfort of my home. Now, I figured out my many other options related to digital marketing.

I started receiving many freelancing projects in digital marketing. During this course of learning, I also started this blog to further share about whatever I have learnt in digital marketing to the world.

During those entire obstacles, I just focused on my learning & kept going myself. Every day learned new things applied practically. Moreover, I was consistent enough even though things were not turning out to be good. I think my consistency towards learning new things & improving the level of existing skills has paved my way in a positive way.

My Purpose behind creating this blog is

  • To find out the most profitable skill in you so that you can become financially Independent.
  • To help the New Digital Marketers who are struggling to start to Monetise their Skill.
  • To help you make your first dollar at an online Platform.
  • To motivate you so that you can become a top Influencer in the market.

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Thank you for giving your precious time

Till then, Give your Best

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