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Skill Marketer first Blog – Welcome Post

Hey #Achievers,

I welcome you to you all in the family of Skill marketers. This is the First ever Blog Post on Skill Marketer.

Who is the person behind this blog?

Hi, I am Rohan Puri from Rajasthan, India.

A Lawyer by Education Now A Digital marketer by Choice.

I am a Freelance WordPress Expert, Content Writer, & Facebook Marketer from the last three years.

I am the one who is behind this blog managing all the awesome stuff out here only to help you earn the digital skills for life.

Initially, I started My Digital Marketing journey by Self learning through various blogs & Youtube videos.

I invested my initial months on practical learning of Digital marketing because Honestly I was very fascinated by the idea of online earning.

That fascination has crafted my learning in a much better way. I also got a chance to have an internship program in the company that deals in Digital marketing.

it was “A Lifetime Priceless Experience that lifted my Digital marketing career to the next level“. I learned the required skills practically there as well.

There was also a difficult time initially when I was struggling to get on board in digital marketing but somehow with continuous efforts & dedication, it got succeeded.

You can Read More about Me Here.

I believe that consistency & dedication is the key to achieve whatever one can imagine getting successful. I have applied it.

I have done a job as a Content Writer but soon after 6 months, I became a freelancer in that company because I was unable to manage my job timings as I also need to attend my college classes.

I thought Becoming a Freelancer is a good option.

Since then I became a freelancer in Digital marketing. From the start of my career, I just wanted to share my knowledge & experiences with the world.

So I thought what’s better than blogging & that’s how Skill marketer was born.

I know you all are curious to know that what do we offer at skill marketer Blog so without taking much time

Here we go

Here at Skill Marketer, I will share my knowledge about different aspects of digital marketing skills which you should acquire in this 21st Century.

I will help you to make money online through our Blogs.

Sequence wise knowledge of Website Creation on WordPress.

We not only cover about WordPress but also about how you can choose your effective Domain name, Perfect Hosting platform & plan for newbie bloggers, the best Themes available in the market, various Plugins that will be productive for the website & much more.

We will specifically focus on the blogs about how you can create your website effectively on WordPress from Scratch to the Advanced Level.

You cannot only acquire skills but can able to monetize it by giving your services to the prospective clients.

Complete Guidance on Content Writing & Strategy.

As I am into content writing from past few years I have seen many people find it difficult to write an article.

Don’t Worry,

I will share my practical experience rather than other marketing tactics about content writing & will help you write better content for sure through my upcoming blogs.

Remember Our own past Experiences are the best mentors in our life.         

I will also help you to do Search Engine Optimization successfully with some new tricks.

From the Initial Days of my Digital Marketing Journey, One question that was always around was about SEO.

People ask me about “How Can I Write an SEO friendly Article”.

Well, I think many of you are still struggling to find the perfect answer to the above Question. But here at Skill Marketer, I promise that I will cover every single aspect of SEO not leaving even your single Question unanswered.

You will get the effective answers in the upcoming blog post for sure.

A complete Write up on “Must-Have online tools for Growing your Digital Marketing Skills”.

You must be wondering about what are the various online tools that you can use so that you can grow your skills to the next level.

Here at Skill Marketer, you will be receiving the collective & one-stop information for the tools you should use to grow your skill to the next level through our blogs.

Google Adsense Approval Guidance

A complete step by step Authentic Guide about how you can get the fastest approval of Adsense so that you can kickstart your online earning thus becoming skillful.

Pro Tips on Facebook Marketing

When I was a content writer, I also managed various Facebook Ads of different Companies & help them get effective leads through the lowest click-through rate.

I will be sharing about how you can become a pro-Facebook Marketer through my personal Experience.

I will be sharing various other effective online earning methods through which you can take you earning to the next level.

We will have a detailed discussion on these topics in the upcoming blog post.

So what are you waiting for?

Be ready to receive the most trending blogs in the future.

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive Notification about our new blog posts.

This blog is for the People

•   Who want to get started with online earning.

•   Who are desperate to acquire new digital Skills.

•   Who are still struggling to have a stable source of income.

•   Students:  who want to earn their pocket money on their own by discovering their skills.

•  Working Professionals: Who wants to quit their job & grow their online earning.

•  Who wants to do a job & simultaneously want to grow your online earning.

Always remember earning online is not a quick-rich scheme. It needs a lot of effort & much needed time to start earning your first dollar online.

To earn first you need to learn then only you can earn & Effective Learning takes time.

You need an honest dedication, commitment & consistency in achieving your goal.

But once you start earning you will feel happy & satisfied.

My Mission about Skill marketer

I started this blog with the mission to empower you all to develop your digital marketing skills so that you all can rule your life according to your comforts.

You can earn money online sitting at your drawing-room.

I promise you that I will share only the quality Content on my blog posts so that you can get a lot of benefit reading it.

But For this, I need small support from your side.

I want to scale up this Blog to the very highest level like I want this blog to be on the topmost category in India where there should have millions of people reading my blog & get benefit from it.

It can’t be done without your support.

I know it’s a long way to go but I request you all to please support me throughout my journey so that I can share this milestone with you.

At a shorter side

In the next 3 to 6 months, I would like to gain a decent number of readers to my blog posts so that I can be motivated to have splendid Blog posts to help you earn money online.

In my Mission to achieve this goal I want you to help me out by sharing my blog post on all your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & all other platforms in which you are present.

Meanwhile, You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram.

We always encourage our Achievers (Readers) to have a fruitful discussion on how they can grow their skills online & earn money through it.

We also encourage Genuine Guest Posting on our Blog. For further details, you can contact us here or email us at

That’s how we grow! Right.

Also, If you want to reach out or have any feedback or want to share your reviews about our blog you can contact Here.

We value your feedback more than anything else.

If you have any questions that you want to clear with me.

Drop a comment below.

I will feel happy to answer your question as well.

Till Then Enjoy the Blogs.

To your Skills

Rohan Puri

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