Exclusive List of Websites & Directories To Submit Your Blog

This exclusive list includes a directory of websites and other places to submit your blog. These sites are almost all free. If you’re creating a blog/website, or haven’t submitted your website to any of these places, it is worth the effort.

It also includes social bookmarking profiles and many social networking sites. Although it’s not a comprehensive list, like 1000 sites, I am creating a list that will help in search engine ranking and tracking site reports.

Where can I submit my Blog?

Let’s start with Webmaster Tools. This will be the first step in getting your site listed on search engines. Your blog can be submitted to other websites for better indexing. It takes time for search engine robots to index your blog. This is especially true when you create a new blog. If your goal is to have your site index quickly,

These directories and sites ask you to add a link back in order to verify site ownership. It will be considered a two-way link exchange. There are a few directories that are very useful, so you might consider adding the link for verification for a day.

Many of these sites, such as Alltop, require you to have a feed on your blog. I recommend that you use Feedburner to create your feed before you start.

Google Webmaster Tool:

This official Google tool allows you to add your website and submit your sitemap. Google will quickly index all of your links by using this tool. GWT can also be used as a free SEO tool. GWT data can be used to apply many SEO techniques.

Bing Webmaster Tool:

Official Webmaster tool of Bing. Submitting your blog to this location, just like Google tool, will make sure your site is visible on Bing. How to submit website to the bing Webmaster Tools and how to use the bing Webmaster Tool.


If you are doing the right marketing, Facebook can be a huge source of traffic to your blog. To submit your website to Facebook, you must create an account on Facebook . That’s it! It’s simple and straightforward.


Twitter is a popular micro-social networking and blogging site. I have already talked about why your website needs an official Twitter account. Having a Twitter profile for your blog will allow you to get a link free of cost. It won’t follow but it is very useful for branding your blog. Learn how you can create a Twitter account.

Google Analytics

Although not commonplace to submit a blog, it is very useful to keep track of your site stats. The best part about this stats tool is that it is free from Google. It’s a great place to start a blog and add GA. You can read the following: http://www.skillmarketer.com/google analytics.html title=”What is Google Analytics?” What is Google analytics?


Although this is not the case for new blogs. However, if your blog is of high quality, you should add it to Alltop. This is a great way to get your site noticed. Before submitting, you will need to create an account. Link to submit


Pinterest is a popular social network site that uses images. You can get a high-quality backlink for free by submitting your blog to Pinterest. It will also help you improve your online brand visibility.

This online tool submits your website to more than 3000 sites. Sites that store site analytics, site prices, and so forth. These links may not be of high quality but will allow for quick indexing and improve your backlink profile. Link

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